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Al Rehab British School

Aims of the school


The British School Al Rehab exists to;

  • Provide the highest standard of education, in the English language to students of any nationality who are likely to benefit from it.
  • Encourage and challenge pupils to develop into well-educated confident people ready to lead fulfilled lives in whatever sphere they choose.
  • Value all pupils equally as individuals and provide a safe and civilised environment in which they can develop.
  • Inspire in pupils a love for learning which will sustain them throughout their lives.


The School and Life in Cairo


The school was opened 10 years ago to serve the residents of Al Rehab City – a newly built suburb of Cairo. It is owned by the Talaat Mostafa group, a very large Cairo based property development company with numerous sub divisions. Al Rehab is a gated community which means it is fenced and has security at access points. It is near the airport and the new Cairo ring road so transport links are good. Al Rehab is a very well-organised, clean and comparatively quiet district. There is an excellent food court with many well known brands such as Costa Coffee, Pizza Hut, MacDonald’s, KFC and so on. There are many small shops offering all the usual requirements and two Malls with a range of shops and supermarkets.  Being 30 minutes out of town means pollution is low and the air quality is good.

The economy of Cairo is booming and the population is increasing steadily. Most of the boom comes from construction and the city is expanding. Developments like Al Rehab city are many but it is fair to say that the quality in Al Rehab is above the average in Egypt and the developers have invested heavily in gardens, leisure facilities and high quality infrastructure to attract residents. The British School is a very important part of that infrastructure and we place a lot of emphasis on ensuring high quality in everything we do.  Al Rehab City houses about 80,000 people in a mix of low rise apartments and villas. There is a very good recreation centre and swimming pool free to school staff or with minimal charges for squash, pool and so on.

There is a large mall with a Carrefour supermarket about 30 minutes drive away and a world class mall with many international shops and a good Spinney's supermarket about 20 minutes drive away. The School provides free transport to and from these Malls weekly.


At present the Egyptian Pound or Livre Egyptian (LE) buys about 10 pence Sterling so to convert prices from LE to Sterling, you simply divide by 10. The currency floats and it is volatile.  In the past 10 years it has been as high as 5 LE to a pound and as low as 12 LE to the pound.

Most staff say that you can live very comfortably on 500 Sterling a month as this would be regarded as a very good salary for a local. So it is possible to put aside a significant portion of your salary. We quote salaries in Sterling to protect staff from variations in exchange rates and for your convenience we pay in both Sterling or Dollars and 25% in LE. We ask staff each month to nominate how much of each they require. You can have a Sterling account at the NSGB bank near the school and money transfer to UK or elsewhere is straightforward and inexpensive.

We intend that as the school grows we will be able to improve the benefits package. It is important to the school that staff should feel valued and appreciated.

The staff are a good bunch and if you want to work hard and play hard you’ll find a warm welcome here.







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