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The English School for Girls, Kuwait

Message from the Principal

We are an all-girls school and we have students from many nationalities. Our curriculum is based on the UK (British) curriculum and also acknowledges the local culture in Kuwait. Every effort is made to ensure that the education the students receive will suit the needs of the individual, and will equip that individual for continuing studies, whether it is to return to the system in their country of origin, or whether she chooses to pursue a higher education in Kuwait or overseas.

Schools are for students, and we aim to encourage and support them in their efforts to develop their potential, equipping them for a successful future, as productive members of an increasingly global and technological society.

ESG is undergoing a phase of change, and developing to continue claiming its place as one of Kuwait’s leading schools, providing a competitive and quality education for students. Planned development will provide improved facilities and better opportunities for our students.

The English School for Girls follows the National Curriculum for England and Wales, commonly referred to as the British Curriculum. This is supplemented by lessons in Arabic Language for all students and Islamic Studies for Islamic students. Through this curriculum, we aim to have all students make the most of their academic opportunities.


Mission and Vision

We aim to promote amongst our students, the understanding and tolerance of any differences in ability, race or culture. This we will achieve through a common code of moral conduct in which Islamic values are adhered to and respected.

We will demonstrate, through a balanced curriculum that the academic, social, moral, personal and physical development of each student is of equal importance. Our curriculum and school philosophy aims to encourage full participation by all students.

We believe that the promotion of a partnership between students, teachers, administration and parents will enable each individual to become a valued member of the school and the wider community.


Living in Kuwait

Kuwait has the fifth largest oil reserves in the world. The export of oil and petroleum products has made it the eleventh richest country in per capita terms. With the enormous oil revenues, the government provides Kuwait’s citizens with extensive social welfare services, employment and housing.

Its booming economy has made it a popular destination for migrant workers and expatriates. Currently, Kuwaitis only make up just over one third of the total population of  Kuwait. In Kuwait, you’ll join a large, professional expat community.

Kuwait is basically surrounded by desert. The average annual rainfall is about 115 mm. During the summer months, temperatures can climb up to 50° C in the shade. Nevertheless, extensive use of air-conditioning makes expat life in Kuwait bearable  even for those who are not used to the heat. However, do not forget to pack some coats for the winter, too. Temperatures can be as low as 0° C in the winter.

The cultural influences of immigrants in Kuwait are visible everywhere, from international cuisine to the colourful dresses visible on Kuwait’s streets. Kuwait has also developed quite an extensive Western-style expat infrastructure. There are many international schools, English-language newspapers and television programs. Living in Kuwait, you may not even have to miss out on your favorite groceries from home, either.

New arrivals in Kuwait are advised to familiarize themselves with the most important Islamic traditions. Learning some basic common phrases in Arabic will also make everyday life much easier.

To find out about he cost of living in Kuwait, click here.

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