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UAE Government Schools

Worldteachers is working closely with UAE Government Schools to help them recruit dedicated and inspiring teachers to be a part of their major education reform project. There are hundreds of vacancies for experienced teachers in various subjects - please click on the relevant jobs for more details and to apply.

Graduate training programme

We have also been invited to be a key partner in an exciting new project to recruit over 1,000 graduates to take part in a graduate teacher training programme. You do not need to have a teaching qualification but one of your major subjects should be English, Sports, Health or Computer Science. You will enter a 2 year training programme at the end of which you will have a full teaching qualification and move up to the qualified teacher salary scale. This is a well paid, wonderful opportunity to train as a teacher and experience the lifestyle of a vibrant part of the world.


Pioneering in Student preparation in K-12 education system for a productive life in a dynamic world to ensure sustainable development for the UAE society.


Working together to promote the UAE K-12 educational system, investing in human capital to build a knowledge-based society while enriching citizenship values.


1. Citizenship and Responsibilities:
Represented in strengthening national identity and social responsibilities.

2. Principles and Values of Islam: 
Reinforce the human values in dialogue, tolerance, moderation, peace and volunteerism.

3. Commitment and Transparency: 
Commitment to professionalism and transparency in performance.

4. Contribution and Accountability: 
Commitment to partner with the society in the educational system while being accountable for the performance of students.

5. Right to Education For All :
Represented in the equality of opportunities for all the constituents of the society.

6. Quality and Innovation:
Represented in the preparation of a human workforce that effectively contributes in accomplishing the sustainable development while being globally competitive.