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Newton International School



Newton International School exists to provide the highest possible standard of education and to achieve academic excellence for each student, develop independent critical thinkers, lifelong learners and responsible citizens.


Newton International School Mission

Newton International School located in Doha, Qatar is a private educational institution founded in 2006 by Mrs. Afaf K. Al-Moadhadi and Dr. Jabr Al-Noaimi.
Newton International School is committed to quality education, striving for excellence and acceptance of difference.
The school provides internationally accepted, comprehensive English medium programs plus Arabic and Islamic Studies from pre-school through to Primary Year 6 in order to develop independent critical thinkers, lifelong learners and responsible citizens.


From the Founder's Message

Our schools have given us a great opportunity to bring out the best in the children who come to Qatar from all over the world; a true gathering of cultures, languages and nationalities. They discover that they have gathered here for the purpose of learning, discovering, playing, loving and respecting each other. Yes, it is also in the curriculum that teachers create opportunities for their students to love, respect and celebrate their differences.

We have adopted the British Curriculum not by default of having a school which should follow a particular curriculum; in fact the contrary is the truth. We have established our first school in order to actualise, to the best of our abilities, the British Curriculum! It is our belief that such a curriculum, when applied with dedication and creativity, gives a child one of his/hers best chances to develop into a well-rounded free human being, who will be best equipped to live and flourish in our modern world.

We believe that education is one of man's greatest transformative powers that needs to be honed and improved all the time. At our schools we strive to improve continuously. This has earned the trust of many parents living in Qatar and made us grow in four years from a humble beginning of a small school in two villas with about 200 students in 2006, to four campuses with 2600 students in 2011.


Our Schools


We currently operate from 4 different schools, click the following links to find out more about each school:

Newton International School Lagoon

Newton International School West Bay Doha

Newton British School

Newton International School D Ring Road

Newton International Academy


























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