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Hyledar Kindergartens

'High-end' Kindergarten Group Hyledar have superb schools and facilities throughout all major cities in China. They are currently looking for English teachers to join their staff. Children range from age three to six, and have K1, K2 and K3 level set for each age group.

Hyledar are very high quality provider and cater for the international communities in the cities they are based in. They offer a very competitive salary package with bonus structure, seven hours working per day, housing allowance, free annual flight and free meals.

Assistance is given to find the right accommodation for teachers, along with ensuring their comfort and enjoyment in some of the most exciting and dynamic cities in the world.

Mixing with other expat community colleagues, low cost living and incredible travel opportunities are all part of the highly enjoyable lifestyle that is to be had in this amazing part of the world. 

Qualifications & Experience Required

  1. Teachers must have a Bachelor degree (or a major in Education or Language) and two years' working experience after graduation. This is needed to provide the employment certificate.  OR
  2. Have a Bachelor degree, a major in Education or Language or related field, and have TEFL (120 hours at least), then they can bypass the working experience needed for the certificate.

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