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CHINA - lifestyle and opportunities in this amazing country

China is rapidly becoming a popular destination for teachers looking for an excellent school environment to work in, a great team spirit with fellow colleagues and a fascinating and exciting country and culture in which to live.
Teachers in China have the highest level of public respect according to a survey conducted across 21 major countries, where the UK came 10th. “They are revered” is the statement made by the British professor who compiled the study.
Children are very well brought up to be courteous and respectful making life teaching them a joy.
With booming affluence the country is changing to one of clean and tidy cities with amazing architecture and buildings, all which have high quality and immaculate schools and classrooms.
Living spaces in apartments too can be of extremely high standard at very low prices compared to many other countries.
Changing Policies making native English speakers highly desirable.  Further to new government policies announced in January 2017, only native English speakers are to be allowed to be teaching English in China.  Non-native speakers cannot be an English teacher, even if they obtain a degree from an English-speaking country.
This has put a premium on schools and learning centres of all types from kindergartens upwards to engage native speakers,and thereby giving native English speakers considerable opportunities across the country including higher salary and benefit expectations.

Salary Packages and Lifestyles
The general understanding has been that in China the salaries are too low, and this has certainly been the case previously which has stifled their recruitment abilities.  

Now with the rise of the country’s economy, the standard of education and the currency exchange rate against the USD, GBP, etc, salaries can now be very attractive for teachers to come to China.

We discuss and negotiate with schools on their available positions on behalf of teachers and get the best salary packages possible.  Along with the usual ‘meals included’, bonus structures (even on time-keeping), rent included or certainly a housing allowance, other benefits and even annual flights etc can all be arranged.

With the low cost of living, good salary and all-inclusive packages offered excellent levels of savings can be made by teachers.

Eating out is so inexpensive that everyone eats out in the cafés, restaurants and bars every day rather than cooking at home.  This has always been the ‘norm’ in China.

The lifestyles for all citizens in China’s cities have changed dramatically in recent years, and the ex-pat communities now thrive with a buzzing and exciting atmosphere full of opportunities. 

Travelling & Tourism Attractions
Travelling around the country and visiting some of the world’s most famous iconic structures and landscapes are high on the list of things to do during holiday periods.

Travel is low cost compared to European charges and almost every city in Tier 1 & 2 has their own airport, making flying the easiest method of getting around.  Train travel is both smart, comfortable and on time with bullet-style trains used almost everywhere between major destinations.

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